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About Karabo

Car parking services need not be one-size-fits-all. A parking facility may provide a variety of services tailored to different users, including convenient short-term parking for shoppers and delivery vehicles, long-term parking for commuters and residents, and special arrangements when appropriate for commercial users.

Karabo takes pride in:

Effective and smoothly running parking space management
Control and measurement of services
Optional utilisation of personnel, services cost reduction
Increased reliability of your entire facility

Our mission statement is met by providing:

A pleasant and courteous service
Safe and well-maintained parking facilities
Enforcement that promotes voluntary compliance with parking regulations
Parking for special events
Management of information resources pertaining to parking facilities and parking customers
Proactive planning for future parking needs
It is the goal of Karabo to provide safe and well-maintained parking for visitors, and to provide effective and courteous customer services.

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