Our Focus

Access Control and Gating

Access control and gating systems determine who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit.

Access control and gating systems provide the essential services of authorization, identification and authentication, access approval, and accountability.


Airports typically have a combination of parking needs. These needs range from short term to long-term parking and open air or covered parking. Parkers also need to be able to find available parking bays quickly and easily to avoid missed flights and high levels of frustration. At Karabo Parking we have the perfect solutions for each of these needs!

Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners and managers require customised solutions to maximize the value and profitability of their unique parking assets. Karabo Parking works closely with our clients to develop the best possible solution for each parking facility, whilst taking the needs of tenants and their customers into careful consideration.


With a proven track record of success in the retail-parking sector, Karabo Parking is well positioned to deliver increased revenue and an improved parking experience for your shoppers. Our solutions are customer service driven and cost effective.

Hotels & Casinos

Nowadays, guests expect to pay for parking when arriving at a Hotel or Casino. Paid parking is a simple but necessary sale with little overheads once installed and contributes to significant profits. Our integrated solutions guarantee ease of use and ensure optimum security.

Health Care & Hospitals

Health care facilities and hospitals have a variety of parking needs all at the same premises.  From handicap parking, wheel chair access areas, to drop off and pick up zones, to short term, long term, staff parking and patient parking areas, each area has their own specific requirement. Karabo Parking Management has the technology, expertise and experience to take care of these needs in a cost effective and customer centric way.

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