Parking management is an operation that you should not have to worry about. Karabo Parking Management (Pty) Ltd will take on this responsibility for you. We believe that upon entering a parking space, your customer should arrive feeling safe and relaxed. This is important because their mood will affect the rest of their visit. It is our business to take ownership of ensuring that your customer is safe, relaxed and has a positive parking experience.

Karabo Parking Management (KPM) remains pioneers in the transformation of parking management in delivering reliable solutions in revenue collection, parking and admissions management.
We operate within South Africa’s major provinces and carry a wealth of experience with us. We offer comprehensive parking services throughout a wide spectrum of the property industry.


What we do

Karabo Parking Management takes immense pride in being different and providing our clients with an experience that is professional in its approach, positive in its delivery and rewarding with its results.
Controlled, organised and efficient parking is the main driver in any CBD, shopping centre or business park. It helps to alleviate congestion in the area and particularly in South Africa, it provides a safehouse for those not wanting to park on streets or who are unfamiliar with the area. Well-managed parking spaces are a drawcard for any corporate or retail space, as the experience that a customer has at a parking space will attract them to return to that same place.

Efficient parking management spaces also promote business in that particular area as people want to return to a familiar parking space where they have had a good parking experience and where they are certain that they can find an available parking space again.
With Johannesburg holding the biggest business hub in Africa and Cape Town representing one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, there is a great responsibility in South Africa to make sure that parking management solutions operate at the highest international levels. This explains why we do not compromise when it comes to the technology we use, the services we offer and the staff we employ.


we are uncompromising in operating with complete honesty and sincerity.


we set exceptional standards attained by working with exceptional people that will help us maintain a standard of excellence.


we understand our clients are at the corner of our success and thus will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.


we continuously seek to improve and will consistently measure our performance in order to do so.

How We Work

“Our clients should feel confident that they are entrusting their car park operation to a committed partner in their value chain. Every customer should experience the Karabo parking experience with ‘peace of mind’.” Hannes Botha, CEO of Karabo Parking Management.
We strive for excellence and seek to maintain the highest ethical, moral code of conduct in our social and business dealings.

We exercise leadership through teamwork, respect the dignity of all people and we place great value in executing our tasks.
We pride ourselves on the implementation of the most effective site-specific parking management controls, maximising our clients’ return on investment by treating it as our own.


10 875 642+ cars served per month

We pride ourselves on implementing the most effective site-specific parking management controls to maximise our clients’ return on investment.
“Only the Opportunistic will see Parking as a means to generate revenue, rather than an expense.”

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