Our Solutions

Credit in/Credit out – Cashless Payment System

Get in and out of the car park by using Fastlane with only a debit/credit card. This solution not only makes your parking experience smooth and easy, it is an environmentally friendly option too as no parking ticket is required!

Parking Guidance

Vehicle count monitoring tools and variable message sign systems assists motorists and improve traffic flow in parking facilities. Real-time counts provide up-to-date information on number of parking spaces available by parking section.

Contract Parking

Parkers buy a contract for a period of time and use the contract card to enter and exit the car park – no ticket required! Parkers can access the car park using a card, proximity card or hands free.

Pre-payment or pre bookings for parking can also be done online in advance. Quick and hassle free!

Business Intelligence and transactional reporting service

A user-friendly interface that brings you advanced analytics and fast reporting to help manage your parking garages. Software solutions are designed to centralise internal business intelligence, analyze and interact with members and transactional data like never before!

Centralised Control Room

Save money and centralise your control room

Centrally issuing of barcode vouchers, making it easier and more user friendly to issue prepaid vouchers to visitors.

Mobile Payment Solutions

This technology enhances the parking experience by eliminating the use of parking tickets at entry and exit and gives the option to pay for parking with the convenience of your phone.

Credit card payments at central

Customer-friendly and easy to use stations that accept payment by credit card only.

Licence plate recognition

Prevention of car thefts or ticket swapping

Contract parking using the vehicle licence plate to enter and exit the car park.

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