“Being the leader in the parking industry,
isn’t about being the biggest,
it’s about being the best!”

Hannes Botha (Managing Director)

Why Choose Us

We are passionate, experienced and we deliver results!

With over 30 years of industry experience, we remain pioneers in the transformation and advancement of parking management. We deliver reliable, trustworthy solutions in revenue collection, parking and admission management. We have over 200 well trained parking Super heroes on the ground who are always happy to assist. We operate in 7 provinces and are fully committed to delivering measurable results and exceeding your expectations!

“There is a super hero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape”

We deliver

* A Personal Service
* Cost Effective Solutions
* Tailored Procedures
* Efficient parking management and security services
* Concise and accurate management reporting
* Maximum return on investment through the secure control and professional operation of your facility
* Tailor-made solutions for both pay-on-foot and Commercial parking operations

* The latest technology
* Best revenue results
* Regular audits of specific parking operations
* Complete transparency and accurate reporting
* Procedures to safeguard the cash into your bank account
* Trustworthy support and prompt maintenance
* A high level of staff visibility
* Complete peace of mind

How we deliver

* At Karabo, we go out of our way to identify and understand your specific needs.

* We then propose the most optimal solution that will meet those needs, and at the same time, achieve the best return on your investment!


* We also take the time to understand your brand and your business so that the parking facility can proudly promote and protect your Image and your brand, whilst giving you maximum return.

* Our management team is hands on, available and fully committed, this ensures a quick turn around should any changes need to be made or any issues that need to be dealt with.

Our winning strategy

* The use of our well established branding to uplift and advertise our customer car parks in the most commercially beneficial way.
* Innovative and well thought-out end-to-end packages.
* Using our resource management expertise to drive the value of the car park effectively.
* Applying our vast experience with all types of parking facilities in order to identify the best way to deliver solid returns.


*Well-trained and highly visible support staff.
*Working closely with our customers to clearly understand their goals and objectives.
*The use of proven, reliable products, which serve to limit downtime and maintenance requirements.
*Keeping abreast of ongoing technological advancements taking place internationally in the Parking Management field thus delivering the best possible parking experience.


peace of mind

* We are hands on and passionate about what we do! It’s our job and our mission to take the hassle out of everyday parking so that you can focus on what you do best and have complete peace of mind your parking facility is being handled in the best, most professional and profitable way possible.

increased revenue

* On average Karabo Parking has managed to deliver between a 20 – 30% increase in revenue on all the sites we have taken management of.

* We would like to do the same for you!
* Talk to us today to see how we can save you money and deliver an increase in returns.

customer satisfaction

* Our customer friendly and easy to use pay stations; deliver a fast, convenient and reliable experience for your customers.

* When paying customers can choose between making cash or credit card payments thus giving them maximum choice and flexibility.

visible staffing

* Our striking company uniforms are both professional and highly visible!

* This allows parkers to easily identify our staff and have confidence in their ability to assist with any challenges they may be experiencing.

complete transparency

* Our parking technology is user friendly and delivers; fast reporting, advanced analytics and complete transparency to help you manage your parking garages profitably and effectively.

* Our Site Inspection app is also convenient and easy to use! It allows for additional operational checks to be done and generates a monthly operational report for all our clients, which includes photographs too as supporting evidence!

customised solutions

* Our parking solutions are tailor-made to meet your exact needs! We work closely with you and your team to implement the best possible solution for your parking facility.

ongoing convenience

* We have a large team of operational staff who are available round the clock to assist where needed.

“Our parking management solutions achieve benchmark results from the smallest open lots to the biggest retail centres”