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Hospital Parking

Managing hospital parking requires precision and care

Karabo Parking Management sets the benchmark for hospital parking

Having quick and easy parking access is fundamental to every hospital and healthcare facility, which is why it’s important to ensure that the operator is highly competent and fully familiar with the dynamics of a hospital parking environment.

Karabo Parking Management operates a large number of hospital sites and has built strong relationships with its clients over many years. It delivers reliable, trustworthy solutions in admission management, parking, and revenue collection. Its CEO, Hannes Botha, has 30 years of experience in parking management. He and his team understand that healthcare facilities have a variety of needs, from wheelchair access areas and drop-off/ pick-up zones to short-term and long-term staff parking as well as patient and visitor parking areas.

“We have the technology, expertise, and experience to take care of these needs in a cost-effective and customer-centric way,” says Botha. “We aim to ensure that our clients never have to worry about their carparks or parking garages. Seamless and stress-free is the kind of experience we offer when we take over the management of parking, and even more so when it
comes to hospital parking.”

Hospital parking operations can be very complex, according to Botha. Staff are dealing with sick people,
emotional people, and people whose loved ones have just passed away or
who have been diagnosed
with a serious illness. It requires a totally different

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management style with its own procedures and processes and very special training for Karabo on-site staff who must be able to deal with whatever comes their way.

Karabo offers both precision and care, with an efficient paid-parking system that
operates smoothly and a service
experience that is welcoming and helpful. “Our overall offering caters to site-specific needs and is not just a copy-paste
approach,” Botha notes. “It takes our clients and their parkers into consideration at all times with great attention to detail.”

One of the biggest challenges in any healthcare parking situation is dealing with doctors and other medical staff who are pressed for time, Botha adds. “They are time orientated and there is no room
for parking-related issues. That’s why we have new technology that is working towards ticketless and moneyless solutions,

Hannes Botha - CEO Karabo.png

Hannes Botha

CEO Karabo Parking

with no more running to the ATM inside the hospital.”

In the hospital sites they manage, Karabo Parking focuses on full financial solutions for upgrading or replacing parking equipment, and building a lasting relationship with hospital management teams. “We are unique in the parking industry in that we offer expert healthcare parking management which is owner-managed and has far less corporate red tape.”


About Karabo Parking Management

Karabo operates across seven provinces of South Africa. It parks over 12 million cars per month across all parking sectors:

hospitals, airports, malls, offices, hotels and industrial parks. It prides itself on a hands-on approach and the ability to custom-design parking management strategies for its clients’ specific needs.


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