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The choice of equipment lies at the heart of our solutions

We offer expert advice on parking equipment and are able to advise our clients on the latest technology available in the market through our well-established supplier network which has a global reach.

"We’re skilled at devising customised solutions to maximise your revenue while providing your customers with a seamless and pleasant parking experience."

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Parking payment methods have expanded dramatically

From a friendly and helpful pay-on exit cashier to licence plate recognition (LPR) and credit card payments, we can expertly advise you and supply your equipment of choice.


We manufacture our OWN equipment

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You can drive your business to even greater profitability with Karabo’s customised pay-on-exit parking equipment manufactured by us specifically for smaller paid-parking operations.

If you’ve got a small parking operation, we can supply you with our own-build Pay-On-Exit parking system with access control boom and ticket machine. It’s cost-effective and excellent quality. 

We design a package that’s right for you -  equipment/installation/management/ and maintenance all accounted for.

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The benefits for you:

Top quality equipment proudly Made in South Africa

We can meet market demand quickly and efficiently with our fast turn-around time.

Highly reliable and prompt follow-up service

More cost-effective and budget-friendly

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Our offer to you:

FREE equipment when we manage your parking over a five-year period



We replace and finance a new system and amortise the cost over a five-year management agreement.

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for operational use on cellphone/tablet

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Our Site Inspection App

Karabo Parking Management is proud to have its own unique Site Inspection App that allows for additional operational checks. Reports are generated for all our clients. They can include photographs as supporting evidence.

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