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We can give you a 1001 reasons why we believe you should partner with Karabo. Let’s make it FIVE excellent reasons instead:

  • We live and breathe parking management.

  • We manage hands-on from the top down.

  • We understand the sensitivities and challenges faced by different parking sites. Nothing phases us. Whether it’s the CEO who’s late for his flight or the anxious patient who’s lost his parking disc, we know how to manage the situation on your behalf.

  • We design end-to-end solutions which meet your needs today. If we need to redesign them for tomorrow, we’re on top of it!

  • Karabo is your gateway to clean, safe and profitable parking.

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And if that isn’t enough, here are SEVEN more:

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We have a large number of operational sites which we manage on behalf of various landlords. 

  • We do daily banking, payments, statements and reconciliations.

  • We assist clients with budget /forecast planning i.t.o. parking revenue.

  • We ensure declared revenue balances to various system reports.

  • We identify any anomalies within the reports and discuss with the responsible manager e.g. increase in boom openings – missing tickets – drops or spikes in revenue.

  • We keep up to date with changes or implementation of new equipment.

  • We compile site-specific reports and adjust according to the client’s needs.

  • We work closely with various business teams to identify and implement business process improvements.

  • We support external financial audits on clients regarding parking revenue.

  • We provide hands-on support to administrative staff regarding billing of monthly parking,

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Here's how we do it...

  •  State-of-the-art financial management tools

  •  Rigorous and water-tight financial control

  •  Regular and thorough reviews of procedures

  •  Fast-reaction systems which alert management to suspicious monetary activities

  •  Forensic auditing support on call

  •  Transparent accounting and auditing processes

  •  Highly regulated safety procedures for transferring cash

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